Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't lie to me. Seriously.

So I had this one client client, seemed like a decent individual, wanted a light-pressure massage geared towards relaxation. Easy peasy, right?

After the massage, she raved about how relaxed she felt and how wonderful it was, and made a big production over how she was going to leave my tip at the front desk. I smiled and thanked her, then went on about my business.

Worked on my next client (and had this sudden bizarre unexplained fit of rage at everything in the history of ever during said massage), went out to grab me some diet Pepsi (mmm, diet Pepsi), and then checked with the front desk about whether Client A had left a cash tip or had put it on her credit card.

Yeah. She left me nothing.

Not even so much as a "never pet a burning dog".

Hell, if you don't wanna tip, that's your prerogative...but don't effing lie to me about it!

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