Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mistaken Identity

So, today was overall an excellent day. Mr. Platypus and I went for a nice walk 'round a bit of town we hadn't much explored yet; we'd intended to go hiking in the wilderness area about a mile or so from our house, but realized after we got back into the woods that we had just put ourselves in danger of being carried off by mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls. You'd think that we would have realized that the mosquitoes would be bad due to all the rain we've had lately, but our brains were apparently off on Mars or something, doing who-knows-what. Anyway, we took our lunch with us (mmm, turkey wraps) and enjoyed a lovely picnic while roaming around.

Mr. Platypus not being much of an art museum person, I later went to the Museum of Fine Arts solo to take advantage of their free admission on Wednesday nights. I swear to you, Gentle Reader, I could probably spend six months wandering that museum every day and still not see everything. I especially enjoyed seeing Rodin's sculpture of Psyche...chickie's got some seriously long hair! I got to check out a broad array of ancient Egyptian and Greek artwork, as well as some artwork from medieval Europe. Getting to see two of my favorite Monet paintings in person was quite an experience as well. I wound up standing there in front of the painting of the facade of the Rouen Cathedral with a starstruck look on my face for a good ten minutes. Seeing Morning on the Seine, near Giverny was amazing as well...words rather fail me. I look forward to visiting the museum weekly for the foreseeable future, and will probably turn into quite the art history nerd in fairly short order. I think my History of Western Art professor would have been proud of me today!

Dinner turned out to be quite an adventure as well. I'd been planning to cook chicken stir fry, so we scurried off to the grocery store when I got home from the museum and stocked up on veggies. Mr. Platypus saw what we initially thought were habanero peppers, so we bought three with the intent to use them in taco seasoning at some point in the future. As I was chopping veggies for the stir fry, he cut a small piece off of one of the cute little red peppers and ate it. He then informed me that it wasn't hot at all, and that the receipt said that the peppers were greenhouse sweet red peppers. I shrugged and chopped the rest of the pepper up, then threw it into the stir fry.

Well, it was a habanero, after all.

The stir fry wound up so spicy that it gave me that nice tingly feeling down my esophagus when I swallowed, and it made my lips go numb. Mr. Platypus wound up actually breaking into a sweat as though he'd been running laps! We agreed that it was entirely delicious and that I will have to fix it again sometime. Said stir fry is now referred to in our house as Chicken Trogdor, after the Strongbad email involving burnination. If you are interested in the recipe, Gentle Reader, let me know and I shall post it so that you too may enjoy the lovely feeling of the mucous membranes in your mouth plotting your downfall.

Oh, and I got to have a slice of cheesecake for dessert. Today was made of serious win and awesome.

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